Friday, 3 February 2012

Stop for the One #3

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This is meant to be written on a Tuesday or Wednesday but this week I've had norovirus so I've been far from feeling like thinking let alone blogging very much. In fact there was a day this week that my blog was completely abandoned

That never happens

However this does not mean I've not made time for Mike. And he's deserved it this week because he's made lots of time for me and allowing me to rest by looking after Rachel.

Yesterday I was starting to feel human by the evening so I made him a simple cup of coffee when I was making myself a roiboos. It's not much, very little in fact, but considering Rachel now has the awful bug I'm pleased I made at least that time for him.

Of course the awful bug also meant I've made time for 2 other people.

1. For God - amazing how much more prayer I get in when I'm ill and it's been lovely and given me lots of pointers and solutions to issues I've been pondering

2. For Rachel - caring for a sick child is the worst and best bit of parenting; it's awful seeing your child sick but it's the most amazing privilege to be able to be there for them unconditionally

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Alene said...

Thanks for linking up. I so hope you all are feeling better. Not being well is definitely cause to STOP and rest and care for others. Blessings sweet friend.