Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Praying for #Synod

As I listen to the live feed of Synod debating Women Bishops and read and respond to the tweets under the #synod hashtag I pray.  I pray ......

I pray for synod members' words to be gentle and christ like, thoughts to be calm and god-centred, proposals to be inclusive and prayerful and decisions to be wise and encompassing.

I pray for all within the Church of England to be calm and full of peace rather than fearful and full of nerves as the discussion continues and the decisions are made.

I pray for all those who watch the debates to know the true mission of christ within the church and within their communities, to see the difference between decision making and love delivering.

I trust that the Church of England will hold firm through these difficult issues, debates and decisions; I just pray that everyone else can hold that faith as well.

In this and all acts we take our strength and guidance from God.

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