Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day

There's nothing that beats a snow day, it makes Mike and I big kids again; by why?

Perhaps it's because it's always been pretty rare in the South of England and is a treat.
Or maybe it's the way it transforms the world into something completely different.
It's like Narnia comes to life in the garden.

I especially like the way the cars all stop, life slows down and everything becomes simpler somehow.
The community actually stays together and come out of their houses and interact, even helping each other with clearing driveways and gritting paths.

There's no point in worrying or panicking about things to be done because the snow means everyone is stuck at home.  It's luxury, for the first day anyway.

Today, thanks to recovering from the nasty bug we were banned from church, so we were up out of our beds and into the snow.  The luxury was fully enjoyable.

I took photos

Rachel made a snow granny

Mike was Rachel's snow slave

The guinea pigs watched wondering what we were doing.
And Sid looked at the snow and his tracks and wondering when it would thaw.

What have you done with your snow day? 
Have you had to go out in it and try to do your normal routine?
Or have you been able to have fun and bring out your inner child?

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Woodland Window Watcher said...

We've had the snow from yesterday lunchtime so made a big snowman with our neighbours. This morning we've been pelted with snowballs after church (those pesky youths!) and in turn have pelted our neighbours in a street snowball fight. It's been great :)