Sunday, 5 February 2012

We all have the potential of a seed

I was clearing out one of Rachel's craft boxes yesterday and found this seed.

A simple, small seed which has probably been in the dark for months, possibly longer.  A seed which has been waiting, dormant; storing it's potential inside for just the right moment.

Rachel asked me if it could ever become anything now, after all its time abandoned.  She saw it as dead, gone, past it's best before date; with no hope for a life to come.  Yet we know that a seed holds it's potential deep inside, just waiting for the right conditions to arrive.  And we can provide those conditions for this seed; we can help it to thrive, bring out it's potential.

We are all like this seed; we have potential inside us for greatness.  It might be we don't know what that potential is or what we might be, but it is waiting for us to find it none the less.  It might be the potential of love or justice, of grace or change, of campaigning or caring; who knows what, but it is there.  We are left knowing that there is potential inside us and we just need to find it and act on it.

Helping people find their hidden potential is a passion of mine, something I have always felt is the key to happiness and fulfilment.  It is a part of my ministry in children's work, of course; kids are just one massive seed of potential.  But it's also part of my ministry to adults; we all have more potential hidden within us, ready to be developed and used.  God knows it, we just need to find it.

What is your hidden potential?

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