Saturday, 11 February 2012

Marriage Week 2012

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I've just discovered, completely by accident, that this week is Marriage Week in the UK. I had no idea such a thing existed, but it dies and it's perfectly placed by culminating on Valentines Day.

The focus for the week is celebrating commitment. Having read the website I've found the 3 Point Challenge which is this year’s central theme designed to get couples thinking and acting intentionally towards each other:

1 – ‘The Brush Past’ encouraging physical affection and tenderness
2 – ‘I See You’ challenging each to step back and appreciate their partner with fresh eyes
3 – ‘Are We Nearly There Yet’ asking couples to be intentional about talking about their hopes and dreams.

So how do we do as a couple on these 3 challenges?
I've been observing us today and I'm pleasantly surprised but also aware that it's probably helped because we're on holiday so are making more time for each other.

I love the idea of the brush past, it's so simple and without pressure.

The challenge to see each other is truly hard day to day, mainly because life is just so busy, but at times as a family I am always surprised how unchanged in himself Mike really is. I might just have to ask him if he sees the same in me; and if not, whether that's ok.

We have always talked about the future and our dreams, I'm loving the fact that it can now be called by a name; are we nearly there yet.

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I'm now off the write my two posts which remind me to make time and remember the good things in our lives together; stop for the one and reasons to be cheerful.


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