Saturday, 11 February 2012

Stop for the one #4

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It's Saturday and I've stopped for three "ones" this week.

I've stopped for Mike; three times this week he's come home exhausted and I've just made simple good old fashioned time to talk and nourish him. It's amazing what a hot chocolate, blanket and cuddle can do when you're stressed at work and run down with a virus.

I've stopped for God; because I knew there was something I needed to hear but life was to busy to listen. I'm still not sure exactly what the message is, but I'm listening eagerly.

And I've stopped for myself; something I never do. I realised that I wasn't recovering properly so I rested at home for two days and guess what, I've turned a corner which means that now.....

I have time to stop for the one's who need me.

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