Monday, 26 November 2012

A to Z of children's work: accessible

This is the first of a series of poems about children's work in a church setting.  They might be funny, they might be eye opening but above all they should capture the reality of children's work and the passion I have for it.  This first poem is about the importance of making kids work truly accessible to children of all abilities, backgrounds and interests.

Quiet, reserved
Wanting craft
Boisterous,  energised
Preferring a laugh

Black, white
Yellow, green
Wheelchair, armchair
Unheard, unseen

Dad only
Comes with gran
Walks for miles
Comes in a van

Wants space
Needs an adult
All that matters is
It's not the child's fault

Knowing God
Doubting all
Asking questions
Know it all

Kids come
In all sorts
Our job is giving
Love and support

God loves
One and all
With God's help
They'll walk tall


Shawna said...

It's a special calling to work with children. I did it for many years at various churches and loved it ... until I had kids of my own. Then I realized I had had my fill for the time being. :)

Love this, for children of all ages:
"It's not the child's fault
Knowing God
Doubting all"

Laura said...

"Black, white
Yellow, green
Wheelchair, armchair
Unheard, unseen"

I really connected with this ...sometimes when I'm in my wheelchair it is as though I am invisible to people who used to know this struck a chord in my heart.

Margaret said...

Sometimes we forget that they want to laugh just like we do, to be listened TO... they want our time and attention ... not pity and averted looks.

Hannah said...

A beautiful expression of an important ministry, well done!