Wednesday, 7 November 2012

EmPoWriMo: questioning questions

How do you question the questioner
The one who asks why, what and when
And how and where and who
When all they do is reply
Why, why do you want to know?

How do you respond to a question response
When you don't know the answer yourself
As a parent you know you should
But life isn't always like that
Even when you wish you could

How do you admit you don't know it all
When you're seen as the one who does
And you wish you could help every time
And Google refuses to help
How do you make their world seem fine?

I've learned to tell the questioner
That questions are not always answered
That some are best still unknown
But that we'll figure it out together
Even when she's fully grown

And then I wish that I could question
Be a child with someone to answer
To know they'd help me find my way
Then I realise together we do
And we have no need to be afraid


Leslie: said...

When I was teaching (in the classroom) and a student would ask a question that I couldn't answer, I'd say, "What a great question, Susie! How about you research that tonight and tell the whole class about it tomorrow." Shuts them right up! And if they come back with the answer, we all listen and learn!

abcw team

Wanda said...

Leslie, now you're the clever one.

Smart teacher, and what a good teaching tool.

Roger Owen Green said...

yes, there are few bad questions, but we fear being seen as the fool, so we resist.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

LLM Calling said...

I use that with Sunday school sessions, it's really powerful. Unfortunately as mum I have no where else to pass to :) thanks for visiting

LLM Calling said...

Not me, I always ask the questions, pride doesn't really bother me any more thanks for popping by

LLM Calling said...

Isn't she! Nice to see you here