Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I really tried not to laugh

She answered back
I told her off
She blew a raspberry
Disguised in a cough

I asked her to sit
Down on the stair
She crossed her eyes
Gave a silly stare

I really tried
Not to laugh
As I went to finish
Cleaning the bath

But then she started
Singing a silly song
With a snort I knew
It had all gone wrong

My grin did spread
From ear to ear
Any chance of seriousness
Did disappear

Don't do it again
I said through a smile
"I won't mum
Sorry for being vile"

This poem was written as part of the #100wcgu for the Prompt: I really tried not to laugh ….. to see where other people were led in their writing please visit Julias Place.


Older Mum said...

Fabulous - great take on the prompt!

Mama Zen said...

This is so cute!

Delft said...

Lovely and lighthearted.

Those silly songs that make you smile... :-) Make all the seriousness of life disappear somehow.

Brudberg said...

Ha, it can't be easy to keep a strict line in cases like this. And I had never heard blowing a raspberry, thanks for that also ;-)

Anna said...

Just delightful, very much enjoyed this one.

Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron said...

I'm full of admiration for how you whipped that into verse!

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling this was based in reality. Seeing the photo at the end proves it- to me. Please do not shatter my belief by telling me this is a photo you pulled from the internet. It's your child, I know it. I believe it!

Emma Major said...

Oh yes, based on reality with one small change - you won't ever find me cleaning the bath :)

Emma Major said...

Thanks, it was a fun thing to write

Emma Major said...

Thanks, it's always good to remember that life is funny when you look for it

Emma Major said...

Exactly, who can feel cross then :)

Emma Major said...

Must be a British thing :)

Emma Major said...

Thanks Anna

Emma Major said...

Thank you, they're all gifts that come from God to help me process life - I'm sure he like a laugh as well

taochild said...

Light hearted and leaving a smile! Thanks!

taochild said...

Lighthearted and leaving a smile! Thanks! :D

SusanKMann said...

Really enjoyed this. x