Wednesday, 21 November 2012

To all my friends

To all my friends
For all you do
I'm writing this
As a gift for you

If you're reading this
Then it's for you
If you're not ...
Well it's for you too

Thank you guys
For being great
For holding me up
When I'm in a state

For sending flowers
For giving time
For holding my hand
When I stand in line

For smiling often
For laughing lots
For allowing tears
For tea in pots

For words and hugs
For messages many
Dear friends thanks
With you I'm so lucky


This poem is written to all my friends who are supporting me in these dark days right now;  words aren't enough but I hope you like them.   Its also linked up at Poetry United for the prompt "gifts".


drbexl said...


Hels said...

We don't see each other often enough but you are still a dear friend, I hope you are ok, always here if you need me, love always xxx

Robyn Greenhouse said...

what a lovely gift for your friends!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

And what a lovely gift this poem is, to the reader. Thanks you, kiddo. I LOVE Rachel's letter to Santa - she is learning from her mom to be a giver. Awesome!

Ella said...

This is a wonderful gift! Thank you!