Monday, 19 November 2012

Anti bullying week

It's anti bullying week
Raising awareness and breaking the clique
No one needs suffer
Pain from another
If it happens to you
Then please speak

You might be a child in distress
Bullied about how you dress
It's not about you
Or anything you do
Tell someone
Teacher or mum

It might be happening at work
Driving you completely berserk
Don't hide away
Or think it's ok
Tell a friend
Bring it to an end

No one should ever be bullied
No one should ever be victimised
Don't put up
Don't shut up
Tell someone
Get help from someone

There's BullyingUK and Stop Bullying
There's Kidscape and Beat Bullying
There's the National Bullying Helpline
And there are friends and family
Many options
Just pick one


vivinfrance said...

Excellent advice, now we must get it out there in the world.

Margaret said...

See... times CAN change for the better. This wasn't heard of "back in the day". It just had to be endured...

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, so catchy and to the point, so powerful.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Great topic, and handled so well - thanks for putting the help options there.

Jeanne said...

True...and it was believed that this kind of thing "builds character". Now we know through research, that's not's just hurtful.

Susie Clevenger said...

I was bullied as a child. I can remember being trapped in a circle of boys who wielded basketballs as weapons. They kept throwing the balls at my head until they broke my glasses...I can still feel the fear. Bullying has to stop! Thanks for writing and sharing this piece.

Herotomost said...

Great way to get out the message for one of the ugliest issues. I enjoyed this thoroughly.

Anthony said...

Very true!