Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How to get your kids to eat fruit

I don't eat that
It's green, it's black
It looks too funny
Its insides are runny

It's good for you
Give it a chew
Just three more bites
Why are meal times fights?

I know your plight
I know that right
I've a secret for you
I've got a trick you can do

Take something fruity
Say a plump strawberry
Get some yoghurt or cream
Turn the pain into a dream

Lets make fruit snowmen
Really mum? Go on then!
Cut the strawberry like this
Sandwich with filling and squish

Wow, it's cute, look at that
The strawberry's like a hat
Can I have another one
Strawberries are yum

So next time don't fight
Make food appeal to sight
You'll never look back
But you'll need another strawberry pack

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