Sunday, 18 November 2012

What makes a church?

What makes a church?
Is the question I ask
If you tried to answer
How'd you rise to the task?

Is it the building
Ancient and old?
Is it the bibles
With stories long told?

Is it the cross
The symbol of faith?
Is it the seats
Filling the place?

Is it the prayer
Asking and thanking?
Is it the worship
Singing and praising?

Is it the windows
With pictures contained?
Is it the icons
Ancient and stained?

Is it the hymns
Popular or not?
Is it the choir
A talented lot?

What do you think?
Are there any you'd loose?
For me it's none
Of them that I'd choose

What makes a church
For me I've no doubt
It's the people, the community
The love, inside and out

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