Thursday, 8 November 2012

EmPoWriMo: Look what visited

Woke up this morning
Looked out the window
And I saw a sight to behold
Look what visited;
It's Beetle Bug

Knocked on the window
Trying to move it
It just wiggled its antenna
Look at its legs;
It's Beetle Bug

Opened the window
To get a better look
It didn't care, just stayed sitting there
Proud and showing off;
It's Beetle Bug

So I went to try take a photo
Silly thing started wondering off
But at least you saw some of it
Then it flew off;
That's Beetle Bug


my heart's love songs said...

delightful! i enjoyed this! there's a daddy long legs spider on my balcony that i've named Charlie {short for Charlotte if it's a girl ~ i can't tell.}

Damson Lane said...

Hi Emma, I just popped over to check out your lovely blog from Blog Your Own Blog Horn :D

Sounds like you have a camera shy Beetle Bug in your midst.

Emma Major said...

Very camera shy and weird, never seen anything that large on the roof before