Sunday, 25 November 2012

A to Z of children's work

This is the introduction and index for the series of poems about children's work in a church setting. They might be funny, they might be eye opening but above all they should capture the reality of children's work and the passion I have for it. I hope you enjoy what you find here; and perhaps feel tempted to get involved with your local kids work programme.

A is for accessible
B is for best
C is for creativity
D is for demonstrate
E is for everyone
F is for friendships
G is for growing
H is for hysteria
I is for inclusive
J is for joke
K is for kicking
L is for language
M is for meaning
N is for near
O is for optimistic
P is for play
Q is for questions
R is for risks
S is for share
T is for truth
U is for understand
V is for volunteers
W is for waste
X is for xylophone
Y is for yell
Z is for zigzag

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