Monday, 19 November 2012

Make me a cake

This crazy ditty of a poem was written for Saturday centus at Jenny Matlocks blog with the Prompt: "So this is a cook off for the inheritance?  Is that what you're saying?"  I can't tell you where the inspiration came from, but it was enjoyable to write.  I hope you enjoy it.

I'd like you each to make me a cake
Nothing extravagant but a tasty bake
Decorated with your own unique style
And filled with love to make me smile

What do you mean you're not in the mood?
It's a challenge to do with food
When have you ever not been liking
A competition involving icing?

"So this is a cook off for the inheritance?
Is that what you're saying?"
My word No, I just thought you'd enjoy
Being in the kitchen as you were when boys

Come on, don't look at me that way
You're only together for one day
It might be fun, you never know
Now, shoo into the kitchen you go.


Gail said...

Very nice.

Kristianne Osage said...

Oh, how I love a happy, clever poem...very well done !!! P.S. I read it aloud with my best British accent ;)

Jenny said...

Clever, clever girl!

Thanks for the smile! Love the rhythm of this one!