Thursday, 22 November 2012

A to Z of mental health

Following the success of the 26 poems which made up the A to Z of babyloss (soon to be published with some additional poems and prose) I've decided to write a series of poems about mental health.   I hope you enjoy the journey with me and perhaps learn something along the way.   God Bless.

A to Z of mental health
A is for anxiety
B is for bi polar
C is for coping mechanisms
D is for depression
E is for eating disorders
F is for fear
G is for guilt
H is for happiness
I is for insomnia
J is for jumpy
K is for kip
L is for lonely
M is for Munchausen's syndrome
N is for nervous
O is for ocd
P is for phobia
Q is for questions
R is for relaxation
S is for schizophrenia
T is for tests
U is for understanding
V is for vacuum
W is for worry
X is for eXperts
Y is for yellow - colour therapy
Z is for zzzzzzz

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