Friday, 16 November 2012

The littlest things

This week for Share your life it's all about the littlest things.

For Rachel one of the most important littlest things is having me spend a bit of time doing her hair exactly as she wants it. This might sound easy, but she often invents something far too complicated for the time available; and of course the shorter we are on time the more complex her plans become.

The back bunch or plait

The side plait

The bun (usually a crazy bun)

The grips in the hair

And then there's the top half plait which is a current favourite

There is sometimes an attempt at a french plait but I can't get that to work in any way which lasts more than an hour so I try to avoid that option. What matters to Rachel is that I make time to do her hair exactly the way she wants and take a photo to show her how it looks. Some days it's not easy to put aside the other things I need to do on the way out the door, but I know it means the world to her, so I do.

What are your littlest things?



Jeremy Norton said...

Hair is the woman's crowning glory and it also say something about their health.

Ella said...

She has beautiful hair and you did a wonderful job parting her waves ;D
My daughter has hair, like hers.

kaykuala said...

The littlest thing one thinks may be the biggest to the kids. One just needs to find time for them. Just a little sacrifice goes a long way! Nicely Emma!