Sunday, 4 November 2012

EmPoWriMo: In the dark

Under the trees
Beneath the leaves
In the darkness and dampness and shade
Grow the forms
Thriving through storms
The fungi and mushrooms on parade

They hide down there
Without a care
For sun or moon or stars
Soaking up damp
Making their camp
A veritable growing bazaar

In red and blue
Green of every hue
They grow in many colours
Flat or round
On branch or ground
In river beds or tree arbours

We must not pick
They can make us sick
But that doesn't mean they're bad
Their beauty is clear
Especially when near
Their complexity makes me glad

Just look and see
All they can be
Admire and value each one
These growers in the dark
Survived the ark
Never even seeing the sun


Lmkazmierczak said...

Ordinary Words....this is a delightful write♫♪ Happy Fall♫♪

Tina Robson said...

Great set of photographs of fungi

Jumble Tree said...

Lovely poem and a great collection of mushroom/toadstool photos. I'm so keen to go fungi foraging. Haven't been able to this time with OH away, but definitely next year.