Thursday, 1 November 2012

Eye of FunGi

The 100wcgu prompt this week makes me feel like a kid again; Julia says "I want you to create a recipe of a dish fit for a witch".  Here goes, inspired by our walk in the New Forest today. I can't guarantee how it'll taste though.

To make this dish
Fit for a witch
I give you a list of stuff
That needs to be mixed
Bashed and ground
Until it`s the colour buff

Start with mixed leaves
Add eye of FunGi
And a little bit of newt
Include four glugs
Of brackish water
Blow into it with a lute

Step well back
Don't take a breath
Or look at it to close
Leave it to settle
For just one day
Serve a pint sized dose


SharonW said...

Eep! Um, sorry, I'm just not thirsty...

Congratulations - that sounds appalling!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very good poem! love it x