Friday, 16 November 2012

Don't complain; Do something #childreninneed

I was searching Twitter this morning to try and find out if there was a hashtag for children in need and was shocked by the number of tweets that were something like:

"Why isn't my school doing something for children in need?"

Perhaps because you didn't ask;
now there's a thought.

Rachel wanted to go pyjamas for children in need and so she asked her head teacher.  She then had to write a proposal for school council which I helped her with and .... bingo!   Today the whole school came in in their pyjamas and they'll raise about £400 for children in need.

Please stop complaining and start doing something yourself.   It's not all someone else's job to sort out.

Rachel wrote a poem about children in need which is on her blog, please go see it and leave a comment for her.

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