Saturday, 10 November 2012

EmPoWriMo: Great expectations #10eleven12

I planned for today
To be autumn personified
I wanted to record
Leaves, chills and family life

But great expectations
Have a way of falling through
And today's plans were wrecked
When I awoke feeling oooo

"It is all spoiled"
I ranted like a child
I can't go out like this
Experiencing the wild

So I took to the sofa
And promptly went to sleep
Woke up a few hours later
Looked for something to eat

So much for recording a day
In its majesty and beauty
Instead it's nothing special
All I've done is record the ordinary

There's nothing here profound
No great words, thoughts or feelings
It won't go down in history
It's just another day of living

But that's what it's all about
A record of "this" time
Great expectations are unreal
Real life is recorded here in rhyme


This poem is written as both a record of today and as a commemoration of the #10eleven12 project which is the brain child of Andy Campbell.  Find more at the 10eleven12 blog or at the facebook group or on the Twitter account.

The photo attached is the one of my daybed where I slept away my day on #10eleven12.

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