Thursday, 29 November 2012


As an engineer
Bridges were part of my day
Now as a people carer
Bridges still come into play

There are bridges through grief
Through periods of change
Bridges of learning
Again and again

Bridges of relief
From stress and worry
Bridges of doubt
When faith has gone away

My job is still here
In the bridges department
Providing crossings and supports
As there's a requirement


This poem is written for the wonder Wednesday challenge at Poets United.  Other poems about bridges can be found at

The photo of Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol; isn't it fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Bridges of relief... bridges of doubt... love the poem, and these ideas in particular. Thank you.

WabiSabi said...

How wonderful to be able to provide 'bridges of relief and through grief... crossings and supports...' A lovely expression of your ministry!

Ella said...

I enjoyed your poem and all the view that you shared! I have a few bridges to cross, soon...
So glad you shared this poem :D

Libby Meador said...

Love your intangible bridges. They provide the greatest support, carry the heaviest loads, and the crossings are eternal.