Monday, 5 November 2012

EmPoWriMo: An angels song

My name`s Gabrielle
I'm an angel so old
I've seen everything and more than that too
Today I will tell
The tale of my time
It's given especially for you

This little tale
Began long ago
When all was not quite like this
It's been past down for years
Through stories and songs
And comes to you now as it is

It's hard to tell
So I hope you'll forgive
Any errors or simple mistakes
It's the meaning that matters
More than the manners
Sit down and enjoy it from here

I'll start at the beginning
It seems only right
And tell it just as it comes
I might get confused
I hope you don't mind
Millions of your years are, for me, like one

At the beginning
He brought me to life
In light I started to live
The heat was amazing
The feelings all warm
I knew I would always love Him

He gave me His love
As He made all your world
And He poured out His joy into it
Then He found yet more love
An endless supply
More than I thought could fit

He tasked us with caring
And loving and watching
Over everyone through all of time
And so, you we watch
We are here when you need
Making sure you'll always be fine

Over the years
I've dried millions of tears
Shed in pain and loss and hurt
Even though I'm not seen
I'm there when you need
Just ask, I promise it'll work

Just reach out to us
Pray and ask for help
Tell us you need us right there
It's our duty and purpose
What we were born to do
We'll love you, watch and care

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