Thursday, 8 November 2012

Be a Dementia Friend

Today I have registered my interest in becoming a dementia friend;  would you consider becoming one too?

What is involved?
Being a Dementia Friend is about simple things such as:
- giving a helping hand to someone struggling to get on the right bus
- helping someone struggling with money at the supermarket
- reassuring someone who feels lost
- gently guiding another member of the congregation through a church service

It's not rocket science but it will change people's lives for the better;  and it will change your life as you realise what a difference you can make.

The scheme will equip the friends with an understanding of dementia and how we can help; after that it's about being a caring person in society.

As the Alzheimer's Society says:
"We want Dementia Friends in every community – in every hospital ward, post office, place of worship, and on every street. Our target is to reach a million people by 2015, and we're confident we'll not only meet this target but will beat it."

So please, consider joining as a dementia friend.

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