Friday, 16 November 2012

Fifteen Shades of Grey

When I was young
Life was straightforward
Either black or white
Rarely ever awkward

Then I grew up
Life became complicated
What was the truth
Who was liked?  Who was hated?

Through the years of confusion
I tripped back and forth
Sometimes knowing clearly
Often changing course

Part of maturing
Is learning about grey
About the middle ground
And how to find your way

It's not always easy
It'd be easier with clear rules
But life's never like that
So we need help and tools

Living with the grey
Means accepting what is
Not judging or expecting
Just letting it fizz

In that fizz is real life
With it's beauty and shades
Learning to enjoy it
Helps you appreciate ALL days

This poem is linked up and inspired by a prompt at Poetry United


Ella said...

Oh, I found your words intriguing and I love the middle and the fizz!

Libby Meador said...

"Just letting it fizz" caught me off guard. Loved it.

my heart's love songs said...

"Living with the grey
means accepting what is"

that describes so much of life!

wonderful take on the prompt!

Older Mum said...

That was lovely - and so true - and it's quite an art coming to terms with the grey areas!

Anonymous said...

Full of wisdom!

Delft said...

I love the "fizz that is real life", and totally agree.
Beautifully written.

taochild said...

Nicely put! :D

Adventures of a Middle-aged Matron said...

Very profound. Although a life without expectation would be pretty challenging however much fizz there was!

DancingInTheRain said...

Very nicely put - and so true. It's not always easy to see the half full cup, rather than the half emty one. The choice of the word fizz is interesting and a little ambiguous - it can mean both fizzy and exciting - or petering out like a damp firework.

Jazzbumpa said...

Real life is where everything fizzicle happens.


Chhavi Vatwani said...

You're right! Nicely written :) I imagined a TV B&W tuning page during that Fuzz line!!