Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Run away

My fantasy, for all of time
Is to run away from this life of mine
To take those I love around the world
For a month, for a year, until we're old

Of course I know it couldn't come true
There's money and many other constraints too
But the dream lives on and its nice to believe
That one day that's how we could live

To New Zealand and Bali we would go
Via Thailand and Hong Kong high and low
Then onto the states to stay with friends
Before eventually heading home again

Money has no part in this
It is a dream, to reminisce
But every holiday that we plan
Takes on a bit, wherever we can


This poem is written for the prompt "let's play make believe" at poetry jam.


Brian Miller said...

ah i have that wanderlust....the desire to travel and see the world and all it dip into other cultures....i share the dream....and maybe one day...smiles.

ramona green said...

Pls get in touch.I too have buried 2 beautiful baby girls and would love to chat to you or even pray together! I just wrote out a big message to you but I think it's gone for some reason. My e-mail is GOD BLESS and hope to hear from u soon, Ramona x

ramona green said...

Hiya luv, Me and my partner of 9 yrs have buried 2 of our daughters. Zara-Ruth died at 16 days old (she was prem, born at 27 +5 weeks) and Kia was stillborn (again, at 27+1 weeks) We had another 3 beautiful children. Sadly, Isaac (now 7) and Kerry-Leigh(now4) got taken from us and are now adopted. This happened just over 2 yrs ago and still hurts every day and always will!! Nearly 6 months ago, we had another baby girl and she is with us. Her name is Elisha-Mai and we've been told off social services that she san continue to live with us as long as we carry on the way we are going, which we will be!! I would love it if u got in touch and maybe even prayed together. My E-Mail is would love to hear from you! GOD BLESSx

Helen said...

This is the perfect run away poem .. I've was lucky to have had a career in tourism and travel .. never ever enough traveling to satisfy. I'm still having dreams like yours.

Mary said...

Oh, does this dream resonate with me. I have enjoyed the travel that I have done; and would really like to do more. Wouldn't it be fun if we could easily go on those adventures we imagine?

Peggy said...

I too love the dream of travel with loved ones. And sometimes the dreaming is a good as the doing.

Loredana Donovan said...

oh, it would be great to be able to travel around the world, what a lovely dream that is :)

Dave King said...

The impulse is deeply ingrained, I think. You have taken it out and given it a necessary airing. Well done, indeed!

Margaret said...

...and some people do live this way. I wonder if they ever yearn to stay in one place... probably not :) Very fun poem.

Margaret said...

...and some people do live this way. I wonder if they ever yearn to stay in one place... probably not :) Very fun poem.