Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Parenting Competition

Here are some conversations
You'll hear on the playground
Of parental competition
There'll be loneliness where they're found
Don't think it doesn't happen
It's everywhere you see
If you haven't heard it ever
Then you're luckier than me
I wish it didn't happen
Why do we undermine each other?
Motherhood is hard
Why can't we work together?

"Look at my child
Look what they've made
Have you heard all about
How they got an A grade?
How is your child?
Were you pleased with their report?
You will never guess
Just how high mine scored
Oh, are they struggling?
That must be so hard
I'm so thrilled that mine
Just got awarded a school card"

"Look at this pic
My child is a star
You'll never believe
They just ran so far
They're in every team
We're ever so proud
They're naturally talented
Stands out from the crowd
How about yours?
I hear they struggle a bit
Don't worry yourself
Not everyone can be a hit"

"Look at that tantrum
Does that mum even care?
It wouldn't happen in my day
And what does she wear?
I'm so lucky with my child
They always do what I ask
It's the boundaries I set them
Parenting is a task
Oh look she's all alone
Well she's not one of us
She's always late
Blames it on the bus"

"Is yours invited to the party?
No, that is a shame
I guess there are limits
Perhaps the B list will have their name
Are your coming to the mums night?
At the duck and bird
Oh, sorry, I must have got confused
I thought you would have heard
I suppose the kids keep your hands full
Too busy really to go out
If you ever want to join us
You only have to shout"

If you every feel lonely
On the playground
Know you're far from alone
There's many of us around
We stick at the edges
Where we can hide
We're the ones who will smile
Though we're hurting inside
We'd love to meet you
To laugh, support and share
We'll make it through that way
We can be in it together

This poem is linked up at Real Toads where we were challenged to speak to people directly through our writing, I hope this speaks to many people.
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Kerry O'Connor said...

Too many of these conversations are familiar, unfortunately. I've found that jealous competition is worse in mothers who never excelled themselves as children, and are trying to reach for glory though their own kids. It's sad and annoying.

Margaret said...

Oh.... I am so impressed with this. I might be a little guilty bragging now and then... but I hope NEVER on a scale like this. I may never say another complimentary thing about my scoundrels again. :) (just kidding)

Seriously, this is really good - and we wonder where the kids learn to be so nasty.