Sunday, 25 November 2012

Blind panic

I saw them there, I avoided their stare
Didn't know what to do, paralysed in fright
I finally understood the phrase
A deer in the headlights

Each day is worse than the one before
I'm losing any idea of what to do
I can't face it, so I try to ignore
Thanks to my friends I'm getting through

This is the impact of rumours and accusations
I pray that others read this and stop bullying actions
There's no need for hating and recriminations
If only everyone could envisage other's reactions


This poem was inspired by Saturday Centus at Jenny Matlocks blog for the prompt "I finally understood the phrase 'a deer in the headlights' "


Karen S. said...

Oh I do enjoy where you went with this! I was thinking of switching up the real photo theme- but I happened to recently have an encounter with this- so I went with that! Yours is perfect!

Dreaming said...


Jenny said...

You did sooooo good with this! That picture makes me laugh!