Saturday, 28 April 2012

1500 prayers for the Jubilee Centre in Ndola Zambia

Over the last week I have been making prayer bracelets to take with us to Ndola, Zambia in July. I don't know where the idea came from to make them, which means it's God given. But I know that taking them as gifts for the people we meet there is a physical demonstration of prayer.

I have made 100 of these prayer bracelets and each has at least 15 knots. Each knot is a prayer for The Jubilee Centre and their work in Ndola.

I have estimated that:
100 bracelets
X 15 knots
= 1500 prayers.

That's a lot of prayer to take with us, and they pack tiny which is always an added benefit.

There's also been a great side effect from making these bracelets; every where people have seen me making them they've asked why and I've told them about the trip. From these conversations we're receiving more donated items to take all the time.

Thank you God.

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