Thursday, 26 April 2012

Station Six - Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Jesus is tired,
Jesus is exhausted,
Jesus is sweaty,
Jesus is hot and dirty
Jesus is still walking with the cross
Then a woman comes out of the crowd and wipes Jesus' face
Jesus leaves the mark of his face on her cloth.

This is a station of surprises for us which reminds us about the way people care for each other.

Again we are reminded that Jesus is God, that he leaves a mark in the world that can't be removed or washed away.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?
Do you feel Jesus' sweat and exhaustion?
Do you want to go help him?
Do you feel glad this woman stepped forward?
Do you worry what will happen to her?

Have you ever helped someone else or done something that made someone feel better?

Perhaps you smiled, or shared your lunch of gave some water or helped with a heavy bag?

When you help someone, you help Jesus. When you share yourself with others, you share yourself with God.

Jesus loves us and asks us to love others, he leaves his face on our heart and we can share this.

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