Monday, 30 April 2012

April Reflections

It's not hard to find reflections this April, I just have to look in the flood waters around the Moat House and Winnersh Cinema and it's all reflected. It's been a wet month, weather wise, which is strange because apparently we're in a drought.

But wet is not a word I would use to describe any other aspect of my April 2012. The start of the month saw one of the most awesome Holy Week and Easters I've experienced; there was depth and life, light and truth, healing and love. There were of course bumps on the road but I'm learning to build ramps over those and continue on my way.

We had a magical week after Easter, spending time just the three of us which we so rarely manage to do these days. It is these times which bring the meaning if life to the full and which we need to make more time for.

Our wedding anniversary quickly followed and I was spoiled rotten by this man who continues to put up with me. I am so blessed to have him and I need to take him for granted less.

Before we knew it we were back to school after spring break but it was with enthusiasm we went. Rachel is happy and confident; Mike seems to have found a way of coping with his crazy busy job and I still get to do all the stuff I love and little if the stuff I don't. (I must do my expenses claim).

And so the fourth month of 2012 has passed and we enter May, a month on the cusp of summer with all the promise if warmth and thriving life. Being Englabd I don't rely on the weather for that, but I can guarantee I'll find it in many other aspects of the month.

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Mama OWL said...

A lovely post, and belated happy anniversary to you :)