Friday, 13 April 2012

Anglican Mainstream are no mainstream anglicans I know

I've tackled the issue of the bus adverts and gay rights and gay cures in overview in my post yesterday Debating Gay rights on Bus Adverts

Since then, 24 hours is a long time in media these days, there has been a huge amount of debate about the issues and I've been put right about the fact that there has been ample opportunity for Anglican Mainstream to enter into a full and sensible debate about their beliefs and those of others. 

So now I feel justified in coming out and saying it loud and proud

Anglican Mainstream, please don't drag me into your crazy definition of mainstream anglicans because I am pretty mainstream and could not agree less with what you say.

Anglican Mainstream define themselves as a community within the Anglican Communion committed to promote, teach and maintain the Scriptural truths on which the Anglican Church was founded. These also guarantee its fellowship with Christians down history and throughout the world. Faithfulness to Scripture as God's Word is essential for sharing the love and purpose of God in Jesus Christ.

I am committed to promoting, teaching and understanding the scriptural truths of the Anglican church; but there is now way that I can see being anti-gay as being any way a part of that.  God is a God of love, He sent His son to earth to demonstrate acceptance, love and grace.  Where does that come into any aspect of the stuff which spills from this organisation?

And how does spending money on bus adverts make them disciples of christ?  What about spending that money on supporting those in our society who are marginalised and unsupported by our societal structure?

I could go on but I might loose my rag and use words I'd rather not.
Basically, I can not condone any single aspect of what this organisation does in the name of us mainstream anglicans - do what you like but don't make the rest of the world think we agree with you.  I don't!!

I concluded my last post with a proposed bus advert which I now would like to develop.
I am who I am, you are as you are.
God loves us as we are. 
Get over it.


susan s. said...


Alan Wilson linked to you on Facebook.
Perhaps others will come over the pond to thank you!

Erika Baker said...

Following straight on, Susan S!
I'm glad Alan linked to this, it;s excellent.
Thanks Emma.

Graham Richards said...

I fully endorse everything you said there Emma. Thanks