Monday, 30 April 2012

Joy of Swimming?

This week BritMums have joined up with the British Gas Free Swims for Britain programme which gives free swimming this summer in support of British Swimming. They are asking us to reflect on The Joy of Swimming, or as they put it ...

The smell of the water, the sounds of laughter, the sight of dads belly-flopping and children splashing – a day out at the swimming pool evokes strong memories of family time and fun.

The trouble is that's not what my memories of childhood swimming are. I dreaded the pain of having to go to the swimming pool and trying not to drown again. I couldn't stand splashing or larking around, and the idea of a party at the pool was a thing horrors are made of.

I did eventually learn to swim, well actually I learned to float but from that came swimming. Now I love swimming, it's my exercise of choice, although I still don't like splashing or too much craziness. It's the way I can swim without pressure on my joints that I love, it's perfect all body workout.

I was determined to help Rachel enjoy swimming from a young age and we did baby swimming with her happily going under water. She went through her 2s and 3s not very impressed with water but by 4 she loved it again and she's great in the water now.

And so now I experience real joy of swimming; as a family we go and lark around and relax in the water and it's a fabulous wind down from all the craziness of life. I can't see myself ever going on a water slide, but wave machines and gentle flukes are all good. It's the thing great family memories are made of.

If you want the opportunity to have a free swim then take advantage of the British Gas Free Swims for Britain programme, by visiting


21st Century Mummy said...

It's a shame your memories weren't altogether happy ones.

21st Century Mummy said...

It's a shame your memories weren't altogether happy ones.

Susanna said...

Your experience sounds a lot like my husband's! I grew up with nice weather, so swimming was always fun (not cold). Thanks for entering.