Thursday, 12 April 2012

Debating gay rights on bus adverts

You may have seen in the media that Transport for London have had adverts on their bus by Stonewall saying

Some people are gay. Get over it

Well this week it came to light that Anglican Mainstream, an organisation which doesn't represent any Anglican mainstream I've ever encountered, wanted bus adverts saying

Not gay! Ex-gay, post-gay and proud. Get over it!

TfL have banned these adverts now that they have noticed them; they blame them slipping through the net on the ad agency who manages the process. They have also stated that they believe these adverts would damage the diversity known for in London.

So the question is this; how can one advert be allowed and not the other?

I don't agree with the Anglican Mainstream version at all; I am campaigning for gay marriages in the church; but surely we live in a country where open debate is allowed.

The Stonewall advert was clearly provided as part of the ongoing debate, or knowing that it would raise debate. It has an important point to make about diversity and equality and discrimination; but it was meant to cause a reaction.

I am unsure how these issues can ever get sorted out; I pray that we can learn to live alongside each other in tolerance and respect; but fighting over ad space is surely not the right way to go about it.

I propose a new advert for the buses

I am who I am. Get over it


sunnymama said...

I like your version! :)

highlandponderings said...

The difficulty with any of these issues and adverts is the way they are portrayed by the media- notably the press, take the Guardian article for example this afternoon- it puts all Christians in the same place as being anti-gay, so immediately any debate is stifled.
There are perhaps better places to be holding debate than the side of buses.
Here's hoping and praying for a fully open and inclusive church and society where all can fully be who they are.