Thursday, 26 April 2012

Station Seven - Jesus falls the second time

Jesus is tired
Jesus is weak
Jesus is loosing all his strength
Jesus is not wanting to take another step
But ....
Jesus keeps walking
He keeps taking another step
He keeps carrying the cross
Until ....
Jesus falls again

Jesus fell once and he kept going, now he's fallen again.
Will he get up?
Does he have any more energy?
What happens if he's too tired?

How do you feel when you stand at this station?

Do you feel Jesus' exhaustion?
Do you feel Jesus' sadness?
Have you ever felt this tired?
Have you ever just had to stop?

We all have things in life we find difficult. Perhaps they're physically hard, or maybe we don't know how to start. Do you keep trying? Or do you give up? What will Jesus do now?

Jesus fell but we know he didn't stop trying, as we sit with him ask him to bring his strength to you in something you're finding hard.

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