Thursday, 26 April 2012

Station Nine - Jesus falls the third time

Jesus was tired, now he's beyond exhausted.
Jesus was barely walking, now he's stumbling.
Jesus was panting, now he finds it hard to breathe
Jesus can't go on anymore.
Jesus falls.
For the third time Jesus falls.

Now Jesus asks God for help.
For strength.
For courage.
For energy enough.
For the ability to get up.

God answers.
Jesus gets up again.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?

Do you feel the exhaustion?
Do you feel that desperation?
Do you hear Jesus' need for help?
Do you feel God helping?

Have you ever tried hard, harder and harder than ever before but still not been able to win?

What did you do?
Did you give up?
Did you ask for help?
Did you ask God to help you?

Now ask God to be there when you need His help, ask Him to remind you to ask when you are as desperate as Jesus was. God will help you.

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