Thursday, 26 April 2012

Station Eight - Jesus meets the daughters of Jerusalem

Jesus gets up
Jesus takes up the cross again
Jesus continues on the road
Jesus passes the crowds along the road
Then ....
Jesus sees a group of women who are crying

Jesus knows they are crying because they are so sorry for his him. Surely he expects to see people feel his pain.

But Jesus can not let pain go unnoticed. Jesus acts. He goes to the women and speaks to them. He asks them not to cry for him, he tells them to look after their children instead.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?

Do you feel like the women?
Do you feel Jesus' love for these women?
Do you ever feel this sad for others?

When we are sad or stressed or worried it can be easy to only think of ourselves. Jesus shows us that we should think about others. And Jesus helps us know how this can help us have hope as well as help the other person.

Ask Jesus to help you when you are sad for yourself. Ask him to show you others who need your help.

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