Monday 16 April 2012

Inner Truth - I'm on that journey

Today I discovered a new blog called New Mum Online and the weekly theme of Inner Truth for people who are on an inner journey.  I believe we are all born to have an inner journey and to learn as we go; however most of us don't realise this and often have lifestyles which block the journey.  Or at least that's my experience. 

I have been on my own inner journey for about ten years, that was when I first walked into a new counselling room determined to change things in my life.  The journey has had its ups and downs but looking back I can see I've come a long way and made a huge amount of change.  But I still have a journey ahead, most especially when it comes to trying not to worry so much. 

Worry Less, Pray More.
That is what I'm working on now, with a lot of help from some great people and prayer.  So far not too good, but if the last decade has taught me anything it's that when it's hard it's working.


New Mum Online said...

I read this post the other day, so so so so sorry that I did not comment.
So glad you too are on an inner journey.
Thanks for linking up and the pic is super :-)
Looking forward to getting to know you.
Liska xx

MichelleTwinMum said...

I think you are completely right, when it feels tough He is doing something, the break through will come. Mich x