Saturday, 14 April 2012

Station Five - Simon of Cyrene carries the cross

Jesus is tired, exhausted, almost unable to walk. Yet still he doesn't ask for help.

The soldiers know that Jesus won't make it without help, so they press gang a man to help him. This man is Simon of Cyrene who had the bad luck to just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or perhaps Simon was at the right place, at the right time; being able to help Jesus when he needed it.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?
Do you feel sorry for Simon? Do you feel relief for Jesus? Did Jesus feel relief? Or guilt for having to have help?

Have you ever helped someone when you didn't really want to? Was it as bad ad you imagined or did it feel good to help when you started?

Have you ever needed to ask for help? How did that feel?

We all need to ask for help sometimes and Jesus shows us that we can't always manage without it. He knows what it means to help someone and he values it. Think about how you can help someone this week.

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