Thursday, 19 April 2012

77 days until Zambia

It is just 77 days until I go on the trip of a lifetime to Zambia, to visit the Jubilee Centre and their work in the compounds of Ndola.

Tonight the ten of us spent the evening together to talk visas, travel, vaccinations and the sort of things we'll be seeing and doing.

No firm plans have been made yet, we are leaving that to the Jubilee Centre team to decide where we are needed, what we can do and so on. But we will be in the compounds with families in their daily routines, visiting child run households, speaking to those living with HIV, playing with orphans, visiting the church and taking part in Sunday school, sitting in on school lessons and generally being in and around everyday life in Ndola.

I am stupidly excited about the trip, the whole opportunity offered and the sheer fact that I've been away fron the African Continent too long.

Of course I'm also nervous as anything; not about the trip so much as around missing Rachel, especially if I'm with lots of kids her age.

Tonight my prayer is that this trip is done for Him and that He uses our time in Zambia for His will to be done. It is so stress relieving to know this is all in His hands, not ours.

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