Thursday, 26 April 2012

No! Don't give contraceptive pill at chemists

There has been a trial in London of giving the contraceptive pill to over 16 year olds at the chemist - by a registered pharmacist. It has apparently resulted in a reduced number of requests for the morning after pill and is therefore being heralded a success. Possibly yes, but what about the bigger issues?

- The contraceptive pill is not a risk free drug which we can all take without thought. When you see a doctor to get the pill they know your medical history, can ask you about your family history and take that into account when prescribing. How will a pharmacist take all these issues into account?

- the pill must be PART of a number of methods of protection used to protect yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections. How will this information be given to the girl asking for contraception?

- where is the emotional care aspect of this policy? Making the decision to have a sexual relationship needs care and attention, I wish I'd been more sure; how will this be provided?

I am not naive, I know teenagers have sex; but let's make sure their physical, emotional and long term health is looked after.

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