Sunday, 22 April 2012

Teach Paganism, Teach all Religion

No doubt you've seen or heard accounts of Cornwall Schools teaching paganism as part of their RE syllabus. There are calls of outrage and shouts of joy and everything in the middle.

Some friends have asked what I think and have been shocked when I've told them I think it's a good idea, here's why.

1. The press have obviously not reported the entire story or facts. The reality is that Cornwall would like to give their kids more information about the wealth of religious artefacts and history in their county. This is surely a great idea, don't we all want our children to know where they come from and what the generations before them believed.

2. As religious education is put at risk and under threat by the school system we should surely celebrate any passion for RE. Religious Education is about understanding the different faith and beliefs in the world and therefore allowing our children to grow up with knowledge, acceptance and choices. I love the fact that Rachel receives lessons in Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Christianity; it broadens her world view and allows her to think through the big questions we all have in life.

So yes, I'm happy that paganism is being included in an RE syllabus, let there be more focus on the spiritual aspects of life.

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commentfromalayminister said...

As a Christian minister (a Reader/LLM like you) and a former RE teacher at secondary level and RE co-ordinator at primary level, I echo your sentiments. RE is education not indoctrination and if it is well taught can help children to make informed choices when they grow up.