Wednesday, 4 April 2012

#cyblessings 4th April 2012

More than a quarter of the working age population in South Africa are out of work, compared to 8 in every 100 in Britain and Ireland.

We despair at our 8% unemployment figures, yet a country as developed as South Africa has 25% unemployment. That means that in a street of 10 houses with two working adults in each, there will be 5 people who don't work. And don't think that there's a fantastic social support system which pays them to stay at home, there's not.

Christian Aid are asking us to give £1 if you are currently employed.. I am employed, although not for money; but I know I could easily find paid work if I chose to. I've never worried about the ability to find work, even if I had to take something way below my abilities I knew I always could.

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