Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Station Three - Jesus falls the first time

Jesus is carrying his heavy, hard cross and it hurts.
Jesus is walking bare foot along the Jerusalem street made of stones and sand and rubble and that hurts.
Jesus is quiet through it all.

The soldiers and spectators shout at Jesus to go faster, to stand straighter and to walk taller.
Jesus is calm through it all.

But then he stumbles, perhaps on a stone or by loosing the balance of the cross, and he falls to the ground.
Jesus falls but does not cry out loud, he cries out in his heart to God for help.

How do you feel when you stand at this station?
Do you feel the pain?
Do you wish you could help?
Do you feel your heart break?
Do you feel alone?
Does your hope fade?

Have you fallen over recently? I have and I was reminded how much it hurts, physically and emotionally. It is hard to fall and even harder to get up and keep going.

In life we have times when our load is too heavy and we stumble and fall; Jesus reminds us that when we fall he is with us and knows how it feels. We can ask Jesus for his companionship and support and he will provide it.

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