Sunday, 8 April 2012

Be a people of raised eyebrows

Our fabulous vicar Neil tasked us in his sermon this morning to become a people of raised eyebrows.

What does he mean by this?
He is asking us to see God in the world; in a flower, a rainbow, a bird singing before the dawn, in a shower of spring rain and a lightning bolt.

To see God in people; in our friends, our family, strangers; those who serve us, work alongside us and whom we serve.

To see God in peoples' actions; in their simple smile, a word or phrase, their time and their love.

God is of the world and in the world and we should be expecting to see Him in it.

I would also hope we could go a step further; I would hope we could be a people that causes raised eyebrows. That we would be being and doing and given in a surprising way which tells of Christ.

Let's raise eyebrows.

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