Sunday, 8 April 2012

Child Friendly Stations of the Cross

I introduced stations of the cross this time last year (

Since then I have been thinking about how children and young people could engage with the stations of the cross; how it could be intriguing, prayerful and engaging.

Over the next 40 days to Pentecost I will share the fourteen stations of the cross I have explored for you to try. Please let me know how it works for you.

What stations can you name?
Bus, Train, Tram, Underground.

What is a station?
A place where you wait to start or take the next part of a journey.
A place where you meet people on a journey.
A place where you are still.

What are the stations of the cross?
The stations of the cross are places in Jesus' last day when we can be with Jesus.
Places to wait with Jesus, meet with Jesus and talk with Jesus.

Over the next 14 sessions we will journeying with Jesus on his last day to the cross.  We will feel what he feels, see what he sees, think what he might have thought and experience deeper what it means for us.  There are no right or wrong ways of being or doing or feeling, it'll be different from each of us, but I hope that together we'll feel closer to Jesus.

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