Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Crafts and Fun

Over the last week I've prepared and run more Easter themed crafts than I've had hot cross buns. It's been a busy time with services, parties and kids galore. I'm afraid that my photographing and recording of the twenty odd crafts has not been as good as I'd like, although most of it is safely stored in Pinterest, but these are Rachel's highlights.

1. Easter Egg Hunt
The teenagers hid Easter eggs all around the church garden before the Noah's Ark Easter Party. We had over 100 hidden and 55 kiddos there was lots of scope for everyone to find some. A friend suggested that the fairest way to do the hunt is to have a big soft toy bunny as the recipient of all eggs; the bunny can then distribute the eggs to the children evenly. I wasn't sure that the older kids especially would go for this, but they did and we had a tear free Easter egg hunt for once. Result.

2. Make your own paper Easter Egg
There can be no easier craft than this. Get our all your paper recycling, some spare craft materials and a huge amount of sellotape. Tell the kids that there's a prize for the biggest/most colourful/craziest egg produced. Let them create. A lot of fun!!

3. Decorating egg shapes
I love scratch art; it's so easy to produce with crayons and black paint and a scraper. I didn't guide the kids at all on decoration but lots of them chose to focus on love - perfect.

4. Easter crosses
And in the same way crosses were decorated; I know these are hung up in bedrooms all over the place now.

5. Prayer Catcher
This activity was a kit I bought which was worth it's weight in gold. For 50p a unit you get a cross wind chime which the kids decorated with glass pens. Why we loved this was the taking whilst crafting; the kids involved decided that they were prayer catchers - catching all our prayers and giving them to God.

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