Thursday, 5 April 2012

Maundy Thursday Musings

We heard your command
to slay the lamb
We heard your saving
Of every first born
We heard your guiding
Us through the ages
We heard your love
and the ways you save us

We saw your giving
Of yourself
We saw your serving
Everyone else
We saw your breaking
Of the bread
We saw your spilling
Of your blood

We feel your presence
Here tonight
We feel your wakefulness
Until the light
We feel your prayers
Through your tears
We feel your fear
As the day appears

We sit with you
In prayer and thought
We sit with you
Because here we're caught
We sit with you
In quiet company
We sit with you
Where else would we be

And when we leave
We do not leave you
For when we leave
With us we take you
As we leave
We stay alongside you
Forever more
Our lives are for you


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