Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Social Networking in the 1980s

After a wonderful visit to the Museum of Electricity in Christchurch yesterday I have been pondering just how social networks would work if we used the technology of the 1980s.

Let's take ourselves back.
It all starts with a computer and of course it boots with a cassette; there'd be no checking Facebook from bed but it should be ready by breakfast if everything whirrs and beeps as expected.

Then of course there's the need to connect to the internet. That needs the very long extension lead from the phone socket and making sure all urgent phone calls have been made.

Once the computer is ready then plug into the telephone system and fire up; waiting for a number of connection errors.

Now you're ready to rock, Facebook should load within half an hour and each new page will take the same; so as long as you're happy staying up to date on yesterday all should be fine.

It might be worth typing your status update on a notes package because Facebook will likely crash or the modem disconnect in the time it'd take to type.

After lunch of course there's the need to check twitter, but we also need to go out to a meeting. Since it'll take an hour to check the current feed it might be best to send a fax with the current situation as an update.

The phone has been charging over night and should be ok for an hour of talk time. Of course there's no text or Internet but it gives your arms a work out whilst you carry it around.

It's been a hard afternoon and you missed an important call when your mobile brick moved out of range and then ran out of battery, but at last you're back at your fabulous new Mac. It should be ready to use in an hour and whilst that happens you can write a few letters which will arrive tomorrow in the post.

There's no doubt that life works faster and everywhere now, but boy does it make me realise how much simpler life was.

Anyone fancy a game of pictionary? Are you free to come round on Tuesday or shall I get my app started?

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